Provincial Choir Festival

Entry Pro Forma: Please complete in full

Entry Fee per Choir or Group | R850

Please use this form for Provincial Choir Festival ONLY

We would like to invite all interested choirs to participate in our Choir Festival.

Choir Categories

1. Pre-Primary School Choirs

2. Junior Primary School Choirs

3. Senior Primary School Choirs

4. High School Choirs: Female

5. High School Choirs: Male

6. High School Choirs: Mixed

7. Choir Groups: Any Age

8. Serenade Groups: Any Age

9. A Capella Groups: Any Age

10. Adult Choirs

Prescribed Programme

Singing of 4 songs of your own choice:

• One religious song

• One Afrikaans song

• One song in an African language

• One song in any other language


Time Limit | 15 minutes

Winners will be invited to compete against each other on a Inter-Provincial Level.

Choirs and/or Group winners could each receive up to a R 5 000 prize money as well as a certificate and a trophy.

Song content:

• Pre-Primary School Choirs to sing in unison

• Junior Primary School Choirs may sing in unison and 2 voices

• Senior Primary School Choirs may sing in 2 and 3 voices

• All other choirs and groups may sing polyphony


Any instruments or soundtracks may accompany choirs or groups.

Entry Form

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    Categories: 1. Pre-primary School Choir2. Junior Primary School Choir (Grade 1 - 3)3. Senior Primary School Choir (Grade 4 - 7)4. High School Choir (Female)5. High School Choir (Male)6. High School Choir (Mixed)7. Choir Group (Any Age)8. Serenade Group (Any Age)9. A Capella Group (Any Age)10. Adult Choir

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