Date: 26 October 2018

To: All Participating Principals, Educators, Learners and Parents,

Re: General Information and Logistics:

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all who supported us during the past year. The Eisteddfod activities for 2018 ended with 2 Gala events in Witbank on 20 October. These programmes showcased only the best out of 4 provinces in the genres Dance, Instrumental as well as Vocal.

Please take note of the following with regard to our planned Eisteddfod for 2019:

1. Area Representatives: An Area Representative should assist the Administrator with the following:

1. Finding or identifying venues for our Eisteddfod sections
2. Ensure that these venues are meeting our requirements as per the attached pro forma
3. Motivate participants to enter for the Eisteddfod
4. Inform neighbouring schools, educators or any interested person about Allegretto Provincial Eisteddfod
5. Support, if needed with some of the Eisteddfod sections
6. We would like to invite even more interested people to register as Area Representatives for 2019

2. Allegretto Ambassadors:

1. The Ambassadors should be available to assist with Admissions and Duties at the various Eisteddfod sections.
2. Motivate fellow students/learners to enter for Allegretto Provincial Eisteddfod
3. Be visible at the Allegretto Provincial Showcase rounds as well as the Gala events
4. Ambassadors get one section free of charge to enter for. Only Afrikaans Spraak en Drama, English Speech and Drama or Visual Literacy can be chosen as the free entered section

3. Honoraria:

An Honorarium will be paid to the Eisteddfod Centre hosting most of the items
Honoraria will also be paid to Area Representatives who are actively involved in the Eisteddfod Process and supporting the Allegretto Crew
Cash prizes are awarded to Section Winners with an average of 95% or higher

4. Closing dates:
Please familiarize yourself with the attached Closing Dates as per Eisteddfod Sections

5. New Items:
“Stand up Comedy” is one of the English Speech and Drama Section’s new items. The Prescribed Poems and “Afrikaanse Gedige” will also be available on our website to download for free.

A Quote
“Year’s end is
Neither an end nor
A beginning but a
Going on, with all
The wisdom that
Experience can
instill in us”

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas an may all your dreams come true in 2019

Allegretto Management Team