Allegretto Eisteddfod

We are a privately managed NPO from 2016. “A voluntary association is the most common legal form for not-for-profit organizations in South Africa. No office of registry exists for voluntary associations. Forming a voluntary association requires only that three of more people agree to achieve a common goal, primarily other than making profits.” Refer to

Allegretto Eisteddfod strives to

  • Ensure maximum participation for all interested performing amateur artists
  • Award prestigious incentives on all levels of participation
  • Ensure a high standard of performances on stage
  • Support maximum opportunities for all participants
  • Support proper development of all known South African Arts

Maruis Lourens


  • Any interested person of any age may enter
  • Participation fees will have to be paid per entered item/s
  • Participants have to adhere to the given rules as well as terms and conditions of Allegretto Initiative
  • The CEO or CEO and Chair Person may adjust participation schedules and dates/times/venues/adjudicators if necessary

CEO and/or Chair Person have the right to

  • Ensure a proper and fair Eisteddfod for all
  • Re-schedule performance times, venues and dates if needed
  • Overrule an Adjudication process if unfair
  • Disqualify a participant if not adhered to prescription as per syllabus
  • Remain to the Right of Participation as well as the Right of Association


We are the leaders in culture.

An Eisteddfod with a difference…

For All.