Allegretto Provincial Eisteddfod

We would like invite you to be part of this innovative eisteddfod.


Our Mission is:
• Maximum participation for all interested
• Prestigious incentives on all levels of participation
• To ensure a high standard of performance on stage
• Maximum opportunities for all participants
• To ensure proper development of all known South African Arts


We have served the Greater East Rand, Johannesburg for 10 years now and will carry on doing this, but we would like to serve the whole of South Africa, and to make this possible, we would like to:

1. Have Allegretto Area Representatives in place before November,
2. Have an Allegretto Provincial Coordinator for each Province appointed before November,
3. Book and identify Eisteddfod venues reachable for all participants with-in the shortest distance,
4. Invite Adjudicators from all participating regions to ensure a proper and fair eisteddfod,
5. Have a new Data Base in place to ensure proper and effective communication.


You are aware that the eisteddfod process is ongoing, especially with group items. Choirs have to start practicing now for next year and we would like to host a Provincial as well as an Inter-Provincial Choral Festival for all interested choirs. See also the info on One Act Plays.

We would like to offer you the following:

•    A Donation to the school or studio with the most entries,
•    Free Workshops on different  Eisteddfod Genres for the school or studio with the most entries,


An Eisteddfod Centre should be:
•    Central and reachable for all entered participants,
•    Accomodative with regard to safe parking for parents and crew,
•    Equipped with appropriate auditorium chairs, tables, piano, choir benches and lights in working condition.


An Allegretto Area Representative could be:
•    An interested educator, school administrator or parent.


An Allegretto Adjudicator should be someone with:
•    At least a 3 year degree and or diploma in the genre to be appointed,
•    Have at least 3 years teaching experience,
•    A vibrant personality to motivate participants to do their best.


We shall forward all necessary information and logistics to you after receiving your feedback.

Name of Eisteddfod Centre

Name of Area/District

Auditorium: Yes/No Capacity: 100-150/150-250/250 and more

Stage Lights: Yes/No Condition: Poor/Fair/Good/Excellent

Availability of venue on a Sunday: Yes/No If No, give reasons:

Kitchen Facility: Yes/No If Yes, give details

Cleaniless of Facility: Give details

Ground Staff Assisting: Yes/No If No, give details

Toilet Facilities: Give details

Safety of Venue: Give details

Changing Rooms: Yes/No If No, give a solution please

Tables and Table Cloths: Yes/No If No, give a solution please

Safe Parking for Allegretto Crew: Yes/No If No, give a solution please

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Become an Area Representative? (Receiving an annual Honorarium)
First Name of Area Rep
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Position at School/Institution
Availability to assist: Yes/No If No, give a solution please
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